Accessing Jupyter notebooks programatically

In a previous post we created a simple classifier using Scikit-Learn's LogisticRegression.

As we pieced together our model, we structured the code into a class called CustomModel, with two functions: fit and predict.

To start working programatically with the notebook created in that post, you will first need to install the ipynb package:

pip install git+

(Note: This is actually a fork of an IPython repo. Unfortunately the master has a bug with parsing tuple-based assignments (e.g. X, y = ...). A pull request has been submitted.)

Now you're ready to go!

Using the ipynb package

To simplify things considerably, make sure that you have a copy of the source in the current working directory, and rename it to model.ipynb.

Now, thanks to the ipynb package you can access the CustomModel class like this:

In [5]:
from ipynb.fs.defs.model import CustomModel

To prove it, let's generate predictions on the same sample data:

In [6]:
from sklearn.datasets import load_breast_cancer
from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split

X, y = load_breast_cancer(return_X_y=True)

X_train, X_test, y_train, y_test = train_test_split(X, y, 
                                                    random_state=1234) # more reproducibility

# load our model
model = CustomModel()

# fit our model, y_train)

# generate some predictions
array([  9.25168417e-01,   9.99922130e-01,   9.53635418e-01,
         9.88416588e-01,   9.97542577e-01,   9.95232506e-01,
         4.60659258e-02,   9.98390194e-01,   6.59002902e-10,
         2.76899836e-06,   8.30718694e-10,   9.63993586e-01,
         9.94157890e-01,   9.50980576e-01,   9.96974859e-01,
         6.97038792e-10,   9.99809391e-01,   9.96431765e-01,
         9.99363563e-01,   8.43800531e-06,   9.95502414e-01,
         7.77576547e-03,   1.12727716e-09,   3.40904102e-17,
         3.68627970e-09,   6.55649762e-01,   3.51723839e-03,
         9.97326888e-01,   9.98785233e-01,   9.97552026e-01,
         9.86350517e-01,   9.98844211e-01,   5.70842717e-04,
         9.87742427e-01,   9.19814189e-01,   9.78443649e-01,
         9.92882821e-01,   1.14676290e-02,   1.48817234e-01,
         9.98733024e-01,   4.13813658e-05,   9.93177003e-01,
         1.72319657e-10,   8.54534408e-01,   8.81187668e-01,
         9.97568264e-01,   9.98086681e-01,   8.32784885e-01,
         4.49929586e-11,   8.89087737e-01,   9.28259947e-01,
         9.91244116e-01,   9.94876558e-01,   1.51106510e-08,
         2.60668778e-01,   9.99597520e-01,   9.98940073e-01,
         9.99968817e-01,   9.91318570e-01,   8.29369844e-03,
         9.93238377e-01,   9.92431535e-01,   9.29775117e-01,
         9.99271713e-01,   9.96474598e-01,   2.41572863e-04,
         1.51376226e-11,   9.97330558e-01,   9.98831771e-01,
         4.79400697e-01,   9.99798779e-01,   3.57307727e-07,
         9.99656809e-01,   7.03641088e-01,   9.98247027e-01,
         9.96093354e-01,   9.99588791e-01,   2.58369708e-08,
         9.98136922e-01,   7.97865310e-03,   9.99065333e-01,
         9.98470351e-01,   9.94581260e-01,   9.29328694e-01,
         1.41996390e-02,   1.43214384e-04,   3.71155631e-05,
         4.45838811e-06,   9.13207438e-01,   8.56295696e-01,
         9.99467328e-01,   9.74324559e-01,   9.99328632e-01,
         2.91312374e-12,   1.00998256e-01,   9.86992421e-01,
         9.97149193e-01,   9.13815924e-01,   9.98807818e-01,
         9.84005486e-01,   3.17865443e-08,   2.30937811e-11,
         9.98036358e-01,   9.99532884e-01,   1.24075526e-03,
         9.98819765e-01,   9.99752279e-01,   8.53677349e-04,
         1.53192255e-01,   9.30832406e-01,   1.49723823e-05,
         5.28688983e-01,   1.48786146e-03,   9.92804571e-51,
         8.86447353e-01,   9.95516043e-01,   9.98554149e-01,
         1.75078944e-03,   9.99922978e-01,   4.67159833e-01,
         9.99825913e-01,   9.57716419e-01,   9.95069689e-01,
         9.98728887e-01,   7.49375338e-14,   9.92513330e-01,
         1.49918676e-02,   1.63977226e-02,   9.95785292e-01,
         9.56124754e-01,   3.53639065e-01,   9.96011137e-01,
         7.27728677e-33,   9.97779030e-01,   7.77872222e-02,
         9.90058068e-01,   9.80367925e-01,   2.92408222e-01,
         9.98164180e-01,   1.67926421e-01,   9.99996297e-01,
         6.35631576e-10,   1.06440027e-01])

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